Welcome to, your one stop window for any help in the fields of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

We help students from all classes from 8 to 12 and any board right from CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / IB / State Boards to all international boards in the above topics.


Have you ever felt the need to have somebody who could answer your questions without having to wait for too long?

Have you ever felt embarrassed to ask a question again because you 'forgot' what was told to you the first time you asked?


NoDoubts presents you a simple cost effective solution which

  1. Gives you speedy resolution of your doubts. Our response time is normally under 24 hours
  2. Allows you to refer to these resolutions for as long as you stay subscribed to the package


NoDoubts resolves your doubts in a manner where you understand why the answer to your question is what it is rather than just provide you the answer to a question.

We will keep answering your questions on the topic till you are sure you have understood.


If you wish to have a live online class on a topic which you have difficulty understanding, NoDoubts will arrange for the same at a reasonable cost for the time involved.

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Resolutions for 2019

Courtesy (A website for excellent video b

04 Jan 19 Sukrit Vijaykar

Economics – The Poorer Cousin?

Contributed by Samantha Peters (A Professor of Economic

24 Sep 18 Sukrit Vijaykar

Liberal Arts

Contributed by Nivedita Nair (A Liberal Arts Student i

13 Sep 18 Sukrit Vijaykar

Is there a future without Science or Commerce?

Introduction Every year, once Class X results are out,

07 Sep 18 Sukrit Vijaykar

Teachers Day

Every year, the people of India celebrate September 5 a

05 Sep 18 Sukrit Vijaykar

Why a Forum is superior to Solution Groups

A few days back, I was convincing the a friend of mine

05 Aug 18 Sukrit Vijaykar

A Prime Factorisation Case

My dear friend Srinivas Shastri once asked this questio

24 Jul 18 sandeep

Do such Educational Fora Work?

We have, after considerable thought and interaction wit

23 May 18 sandeep

Which is Bigger?

Sum fun things about numbers courtesy my friend Sriniva

23 May 18 Sukrit Vijaykar
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