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Do such Educational Fora Work?

23 May 18
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We have, after considerable thought and interaction with many parents, put up this product which we, very imaginatively, call a “Doubt Resolution Service”

Why did we start this product?

We had many of our friends telling us “My son/daughter goes to this class” or “My child does not go to any class” and append “but they would like some help with problem solving as they find some things particularly challenging. Can you help in any way?”

Our response to this has always been “We will provide the child with a forum where he can raise questions for a fixed nominal cost. If he then wants additional help in terms of live coaching, we can always do limited coaching at some additional cost”

This has worked with both students and parents. The student was free to raise questions when they struck him without anybody committing a massive chunk of time and money. 

Of course, if the student needed actual tutoring on a topic, he could request for it and pay only a small amount (as compared to an additional live class).


Which is Bigger?

23 May 18
Sukrit Vijaykar
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Sum fun things about numbers courtesy my friend Srinivas Shastri a very wise lover of maths

There was this question once asked in JEE

Which is greater? e^π or π^e?

The solution to this problem is simple yet elegant

The trick is to see that the function x^(1/x) is max when x=e. So:

e^(1/e) > π^(1/π)

Raising both sides to eπ, we get:

From our IIT-JEE 1981 Math paper
with a doff to Feynman.QED



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