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An Initiative by Trifecta Consultants

Our parent entity Trifecta Consultants has always viewed education at upper secondary and higher secondary levels an area of prime focus. After informally being associated with educating many students all around the world, it took the decision to make this offering to young minds which would have a nominal cost and help them resolve any doubts in the world of maths and science that may occur to them at that age.

Who we are

We are a bunch of successful professionals who have a passion for teaching students how to Think and Apply concepts taught to them.

We hope to resolve any doubts you have in the subjects you subscribe to in a way that it stays with you.

What we do

We have now commenced offering personal coaching in a variety of subjects at all levels from class 8 -12 for all boards, be it CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / IB.

We even coach students in US Boards as also any specialized board they may care to seek training in.

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How we do it

  • We provide you access to a forum, a separate one for each subject.
  • Whenever you have a doubt, or a problem, you post it on the forum along with your working.
  • Your working is important because it helps us understand your thought process and thereby provide the guidance to trigger your mind in the right direction so that you understand the solution to the problem.
  • All your doubts and their resolutions are  available to you throughout the period of subscription.


Our Core Team

Deepak Babu

Deepak Babu has loved Mathematics for as long as he can remember. And his love for Physics began as soon as it became a stand alone subject in school. This led him to degrees in Engineering from IIT, Bombay and the University of Texas, Austin.

However, he found out along the way that he derived more joy from teaching Mathematics and Physics than just from studying it. So since 1993 he has taught Mathematics and from 2003 Physics as well, both at the university and high school levels. He has taught for Indian boards as well as international boards like the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Examinations and has extensive experience with helping students tackle the Indian entrance examinations like the JEE and BITSAT.

Amol Kolhe

Amol Kolhe has been teaching Chemistry from the time he was a student himself and pursuing doctoral studies in Florida International University, Miami.

After obtaining his doctorate in 2009, he returned to India and has immersed himself in his passion of teaching chemistry to youngsters to prepare them for all sorts of examinations, be it the Class 10 and 12 board exams, JEE, NEET and even for the IB curriculum.

Samantha Peters

After more than 15 years of experience in Economic Analysis and Forecasting in both the Private and Public Sectors in Industries ranging from Oil and Gas, Steel and Automobiles to Textiles and Information Technology, Samantha returned to her first love; Teaching

Currently teaching economics and business planning and Sydney, Australia, Samantha has taught Banking and Economics in Xaviers Institution of Management and Research, Mumbai. She has also taught several students only over the past 5 years both from India as well as from Australia.

Samantha brings a new dimension to our NoDoubts team and will also provide one on one coaching to desirous aspirants.

Sukrit Vijayakar

Sukrit Vijayakar is a person who, after having worked successfully in the corporate area for over 25 years, turned his mind to training the younger generation to prepare not only for exams of various sorts, but for life in general.

Sukrit has mentored hundreds of students at all levels over the past several years and is now focusing on working with children at the threshold of shaping their careers and lives.

Like the rest of us, Sukrit has also been teaching basic sciences to students starting from his own children to those of friends till he now has a wide fan following in the younger generation of professionals today

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