We will provide you access to a forum that looks somewhat like this

You can see below how the student has asked his question and how the teacher has answered till the student is satisfied
When you have difficulties solving a problem, you need to upload your working as shown in the picture below. For details on how to upload your working, click here. (Point to the videos on how to upload working)
Any forum which directly addresses a students queries will always be far superior to a generic search engine. When we answer questions at Nodoubts.in, we take into account how the student has been thinking so as to give her the correct hint to solve the answer. Since we align with her thought process, he will understand how to tweak his thought process to make her better prepared for other problems of any nature.
You can ask as many questions as you want on as many topics as you want.
You can go on asking questions till the teacher has solved your doubt. Ideally, once your doubt is resolved, you should mention so on the question thread.
While you definitely can ask again, every question you ask is stored on the forum and can be accessed by you for as long as you subscribe to the subject.
From the time you receive a welcome mail on subscription, your package is valid for one calendar year. Discounts will not be offered for part of the calendar year.
All questions are answered by fully qualified faculty with several years of experience in teaching. You can see the details of the faculty in the team.
Live classes are not part of this package. However, if you desire clarification on a particular topic we are happy to conduct live classes at a fixed fee per session. You may contact us directly for details. Such classes will be recorded and the recordings will be made available to you.
The forum is designed so that each subject is catered to separately. However, we do provide a package discount if all three subjects are chosen.
We do not provide notes on a topic normally because notes are essentially an aide to a lecture and rarely substitute a good textbook. However, if you opt for a live class, the notes used in that live class will be made available to you online.
Yes, we will be answering doubts pertaining to the same.



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