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Team offers doubt clearing forums which will help the student raise any doubts and get them cleared to her satisfaction.

Online forums are far superior to any doubt clearing process offered in a physical class because

  • You can raise a doubt whenever it strikes you.

    The limitation of a doubt clearing process in a physical class is that such doubts can only be raised when you attend the class. If, by chance, you forget to raise it then, you would have to wait for the next class. This may end up in you forgetting to raise it altogether eventually.

    On an online forum, you can raise the doubt virtually the moment it strikes you.

  • You can get a doubt resolved to your satisfaction

    Many a times, the raising of a doubt requires supplementary questions to be asked. In a physical class this creates two limitations

    • First of all, such doubts are normally entertained at the end of a class. Given that students are in a hurry to go to the next class, a doubt tends to delay the end of a class. Further, there is a fear that the teacher may think ill of you for raising apparently stupid questions.

      Hence students hesitate to ask supplementary questions

    • Secondly, the explanation of a doubt may require time to assimilate. In a physical situation, you have to react immediately and, given the tendency to hesitate mentioned earlier, a student may say he has understood without really having done so.

On an online forum, the student can take her time to understand the explanation given. She can keep raising as many supplementary questions as she desires till her doubt are resolved. Given that the entire thread is recorded, neither the teacher nor the student has to strive to remember the past so as to maintain continuity.

  • All doubts are recorded

    This has two benefits viz.

    • You can see how a doubt you had raised was resolved in the past in case you had forgotten
    • You can see doubts raised by other students in your course and how they were resolved.


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